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Whether you are facing divorce or criminal charges, you want a tough, yet compassionate, lawyer on your side. These are serious concerns and you need an attorney who will aggressively protect you and your future.

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Criminal law

Criminal Law



Custody And Visitation

Custody & Visitation

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Law Office of Elena M. Rosnov, PC., is a full-service Massachusetts criminal defense and family law firm. My name is Elena M. Rosnov, and I have 19 years of experience and knowledge. As your attorney, I will zealously advocate for you. 

I care about the clients I serve, believing that all people deserve quality legal counsel. To that end, I continue to do court-appointed criminal defense work in addition to other cases. I am proud to provide experienced, caring representation to the people of Danvers and the surrounding area.

Protecting Your Family And Your Constitutional Rights

Family law and criminal defense require representation that is compassionate and aggressive while also being pragmatic. I understand when to fight relentlessly and also when that approach is not productive and a compromise is the better option. I will always protect your rights, but I won’t waste your time or money in court if negotiating will yield better results.

In family law, I prefer to find solutions amicably before going to court. I do as much prelitigation work – negotiation and mediation – as possible so clients can resolve their matters with less conflict. For criminal cases, I find that negotiating with the prosecutor first often produces favorable results, but I also know when to take cases to trial. You can rely on my experience and skill in the courtroom in both areas of law.

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