You Can Trust In Our Experience

You Can Trust
In Our Experience

You Don’t Have To Navigate Divorce Alone

Divorce can seem like a profoundly lonely process. The person you once shared your life with is no longer a part of your life in that capacity, and a relationship that once bloomed with love may now feel full of uncertainty and perhaps even fear and anger. On top of that, you may have lost close friends and family members in the process of splitting up.

At Law Office of Elena M. Rosnov, PC., I understand the enormous life-altering impact of a divorce. Even when it’s for the best – as it often is – ending a marriage is the death of one stage in your life, and the birth of another. You don’t have to undergo that transition alone. As your attorney I can guide you through the legal aspects, address your concerns and work closely with you to help shape the future of this next exciting stage in your life. I will be there for you through the highs and lows, the stresses and celebrations. Above all, you can count on me to put your needs first, because that’s what you need during this formative time.

Guidance On All Aspects Of Divorce, In And Out Of Court

Based in Danvers, Massachusetts, I represent people from all walks of life throughout the area. I have 19 years of experience addressing all aspects of divorce including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • High-asset divorces
  • Military divorces

In many cases, I am able to strategize solutions for resolving disputes outside of court, often utilizing negotiation or mediation to secure positive results. However, I am a fierce litigator known for my skills in the courtroom. I can capably advocate for you in litigation when needed.


No matter what process your case takes, you can count on me to walk you through it, step by step, so you know what to expect and never feel alone.

Let’s Talk About Your Divorce Questions During A Free Consultation

Get answers to your immediate questions and pressing concerns by scheduling a free consultation with me. Call 978-209-7649 or complete a quick online contact form to reach me. I am ready to help you.
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