You Can Trust In Our Experience

You Can Trust
In Our Experience

Protecting What Matters Most In Child Custody Cases

Custody cases can be some of the most emotionally challenging of all legal matters. They involve fundamental issues of extreme importance: the well-being of your children, your ongoing relationship with them, and your access and ability to shape their upbringing. At Law Office of Elena M. Rosnov, PC., I understand the weight of these cases. Whether you are a mother or father, you can rely on my firm to support you and stand beside you on the road ahead.

I am passionate about protecting your rights as a parent and laying a strong foundation for the well-being of your children.

I Can Support You Through In All Aspects Of Your Custody Case

My firm handles custody matters both as part of the divorce process as well as custody issues between nonmarried parents and relatives such as grandparents. I can help you address both physical custody (that is, the parenting time schedule and visitation access to the children) as well as legal custody (decision-making authority). I also handle:

  • Immediate/emergency custody orders
  • Modifications of existing custody orders
  • Enforcement of existing custody orders
  • Issues involving parental alienation
  • Domestic abuse situations
  • Parental relocation

As your family law attorney I am a staunch advocate for both mothers’ and fathers’ rights. Generally speaking, I try to resolve custody disputes outside of court whenever appropriate, using skillful negotiation and mediation to find common ground. However, as a strong and effective litigator, I am always prepared to stand up for you in court if needed. I have a strong reputation for my skill and success in court.

Discuss Your Custody Concerns During A Free Consultation

To get in touch with me, please call 978-209-7649 or reach out online. My firm is based in Danvers, Massachusetts, and offers free initial consultations so you can get to know me before deciding whether to proceed.

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